<%@ Language = "VBScript" %> <% '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' Árukereső.hu trusted shop program ' Example code integration to the webshop ' ' ' Please note, that the example detailed below can not be simply copy-pasted ' into your webshop’s code, it has to be customized adequately. ' ' Setup steps: ' 1. Copy TrustedShop.asp and md5.asp next to the files of your webshop engine. ' 2. Copy this example code to the page of the webshop where the e-mail address ' of the customer and the names of the purchased products are retrievable ' from the webshop engine. Generally this is the webshop’s confirmation ' page of the purchase. ' 3. Customize the pasted example code according to the following: ' - Modify path of TrustedShop.asp at #include in such a way that ' the webshop engine can use it. ' - Check that the proper WebAPI key is set, if not, modify it. You can find ' the WebAPI key on the partner portal. ' - Set the customer’s e-mail address. ' - Add the names of the purchased products. ' - Implement an error handling if you want (optional). ' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' %> <% Dim Client Set Client = New TrustedShop ' Provide your own WebAPI key. You can find your WebAPI key on your partner portal. Client.SetWebApiKey("158d0fa08120021f503c1c0a76bccd12") ' Provide the e-mail address of your customer. You can retrieve the e-amil address from the webshop engine. Client.SetEmail("somebody@example.com") ' Example products Dim Product1(1) Product1(0) = "Name of first purchased product" Product1(1) = "AAA111" ' If only product name is available Dim Product2(0) Product2(0) = "Name of second purchased product" ' Customer's cart example Dim Cart(1) Cart(0) = Product1 Cart(1) = Product2 ' Provide the name and the identifier of the purchased products. ' You can get those from the webshop engine. ' It must be called for each of the purchased products. For Each Product In Cart ' If both product name and identifier are available, you can provide them this way: Client.AddProduct Product ' If neither is available, you can leave out these calls. Next ' This method perpares to send us the e-mail address and the name of the purchased products set above. ' It returns an HTML code snippet which must be added to the webshop's source. ' After the generated code is downloaded into the customer's browser it begins to send purchase information. Response.Write(Client.Prepare()) ' Here you can implement error handling. The error message can be obtained in the manner shown below. This step is optional. If Client.HasError() Then Dim ErrorMessage ErrorMessage = Client.GetErrorMessage() End If %>